Tempus, an Icon Set

Weather icons in a clean sketch style

Free Weather Icons


Previously, I designed a set of nautically inspired icons called Oceanica. As I worked my way through the set it became apparent that I should strip out all weather based icons and set them aside for their own set. Little did I realize what this would turn into. 180 icons later, I brought Tempus into the light, with a 90% chance of clouds.

Sketching the idea

Free Weather Icons

Coming up with the format for a basic set of weather icons isn’t hard. There’s already a great deal of amazing weather icons available today, just search “weather icon” on dribbble.com and watch the clouds roll in. However, even with this much research already done, I still wanted to at least get the basics down on paper before starting in on my own set.

Developing variations

Free Weather Icons

While I did build out a complete set of icons following my favorite sketched cloud, I wanted to grab three other cloud styles and put together a baseline set for each of them. That way, if you don’t like the cloud I chose, then these basic alternate sets will have you well on your way to fleshing out your own variations.

The Complete Set

Free Weather Icons

When I finished designing the set, I was amazed at how quickly 180 icons came together. I was planning for a longer project, but didn’t take into account that once you get a few of the basic illustrations done, the rest just fall into place. Most of the time was spent trying to come up with some icons that are weather themed, but not really part of a traditional set.

Get the goods

Interested in downloading the set? Just head over to the blog and follow the instructions.

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