Scientia, an Icon Set

Scientifically inspired with a clean sketch style

Scientific Icons


Scientia (Latin for science) is the third installment in my series of smooth sketch style icons. Previously I focused on nautical and then weather. So this time around I wanted to focus on one of my other passions, science.

Sketching the idea

Scientific Icons

Having gone through this exercise twice before, I was able to bang out a couple pages of icons rather quickly. I knew I wanted to try to produce at least 180 unique icons, so I ended up sketching roughly 200 icons. The harder part came when I had to actually illustrate them. Since I was going to be illustrating things that needed to be “roughly” scientifically accurate, I had to use a bit of reference imagery to make sure I wasn’t butchering the icon. I believe trying to distill the human heart down to a simplistic form was the most challenging.

The Complete Set

Scientific Icons

I spent a bit more time on the presentation layer for this set. I wanted to make it rather “sciency” with a nod to the designs from some of my DnB record labels from the late 90’s. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this set and hope that it can be beneficial to others as well.

Get the goods

Interested in downloading the set? Just head over to the blog and follow the instructions.

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