Oceanica, an Icon Set

Nautically inspired with a clean sketch style

Free Nautical Icons


The idea to sketch out some nautical themed icons had been floating around in my head for quite some time. Originally, I envisioned this as just a couple icons. However, after getting underway, I realized there was a lot more content I wanted to produce.

Sketching the idea

Free Nautical Icons

Oceanica started with me drawing my typical go-to doodles, pelicans, fish hooks and crab floats. The more I thought about it, the more I came back to this page to jot things down. The smaller notebook is where I actually started thinking about standalone icons.

Developing variations

Free Nautical Icons

Some of the icons were a little harder to pin down. Either I couldn’t settle on a style or they just didn’t read at first.

Dealing with overflow

Free Nautical Icons

It’s hard for me to believe, but even with 120 icons there were some that just didn’t even make the cut. And that’s not including the weather icons I stripped from the set. Maybe those will show up in a set of their own…

The Complete Set

Free Nautical Icons

Looking back, I had a great time making this. It always amazes me how much satisfaction I get working on things that are close to me. And the fact that I can turn around and give this away makes me feel all that much better about the project.

Get the goods

Interested in downloading the set? Just head over to the blog and follow the instructions.

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