Identity, web app and mobile app design

Amplynx Web App and Mobile App


AmpLynx, while still in beta, is a startup focusing on innovative ways to distribute content. The offering is currently focused on music distribution, but it’s ultimate goal is to encompass all media.

I was approached in the initial stage to help create a brand for AmpLynx and then see the idea into production by creating wires, mocks, illustrations, and working with dev’s to implement the designs.

Logo Design

Amplynx Logo

Homepage Overview

Amplynx Homepage

Homepage Details, Card Sorting

Amplynx Homepage

Homepage Details, Illustrations

Amplynx Homepage

Content Filtering

Amplynx Content Filtering

Track Previewing

Amplynx Track Previewing

Uploading Confirmation

Amplynx Uploading

Sample Portion of the UI Style Guide

Amplynx Styleguide

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