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About Me

Over the last 15 years, I’ve transitioned from print design into web and product design with a heavy focus on mobile technologies. My visual design background provides the foundation of my ability to create products and services that deliver engaging user experiences. I am passionate about designing products that are not only beautiful to look at, but also easy to use. I don't consider my work complete until the user can forget about the interface and remember the experience.

And while I enjoy the diversity seen in my portfolio, my true passion is found in the outdoor lifestyle. Weather it’s kayaking, surfing, diving, fishing, or hiking. As long as I am close to nature and staying creative, I will have everything I will ever need.

LinkedIn Testimonials

Roxanne Lott, Managing Director at Imerex

“We've worked with Nick on a wide range of projects and we've never been disappointed. His design sense is excellent and he's a total professional to work with. The work is always better than we had envisioned, and he delivers the work on time. What more could you possibly ask for?”

Jason Breed, Senior Digital Strategist - Social Media Lead, Accenture

“It's always fun to run across a truly brilliant creative mind. Nick is certainly that but what sets him apart is his business acumen along with the creative. Nick was the "go-to" guy that helped a small niche company look and feel like a world-class player. When I moved to a Fortune 500 company and needed creative design inspired by the business, I came back and found Nick to do it. All Aces in my book!”

Michelle Nelson, President/CEO, Blue Strategy + Creative Intl.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Nick for several years. He is a confident and intuitive professional. His work is clearly a reflection of his commitment to craft. Every product is well designed, aligned with of its purpose and artfully remarkable.”

Shelby Dunbar, Project Manager at Blue Strategy + Creative Intl.

“Nick is an extremely talented designer with original, creative ideas. He is great to work with and very personable. He gets all projects done quickly and is always willing to help on short notice. His knowledge and expertise for design is impeccable.”

Cassandra Branson, COO, Co-founder at CraveLocal

“Nick is an exceptional creative designer with great ability to translate ideas into reality. His layouts are clean and crisp, and he's talented in both the online and CPG product design space. On many occasions, we've given him very precise specs for projects-Nick is always on point. I'd highly recommend him for any web or product design project, small or large.”

David Rippetoe, CTO and Co-Founder, Proximus Mobility

“Nick does great work. He is the best designer that I have worked with. Not only is he fast but he can produce great work with very little direction. We will continue to utilize Nick and I would recommend him to any business that needs quality creative and design work done.”

Corey Inouye, Director of Digital Marketing at Mobile Fusion

“I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Nick. He has the creative chops to produce excellent design while providing thought leadership and strategy that goes beyond the design. This is the intangible that provides real value to me and my clients. Nick is extremely easy to work with and always hits or beats his deadlines and turns deliverables quickly.”

Michael Zeto, CEO and Co-Founder, Proximus Mobility

“Nick is by far the most competent design professional I have worked with. What makes Nick stand out is that he is not just creative and produce his work on time, but he can execute on his and the clients vision, while taking the time to understand the strategic business objective behind the creative output he is asked to produce. By doing this he adds a tremendous amount of value to any team.”

Courtney Wiley, MBA, Director of Digital Marketing, INgage Networks

“I've worked with Nick Botner across two different organizations--Kaze Studios and INgage Networks (f/k/a Neighborhood America) and have been impressed on both fronts. Nick is the consummate professional and highly-talented creative director with such a gift for messaging within art. To work with Nick is to work alongside creative genius. He is a great resource to have on your team.”

Tom Edwards, CMO, INgage Networks

“Nick is an incredibly talented individual. I had the pleasure of working with Nick on multiple projects and the results always exceeded my expectations. His ability to take the abstract and create meaningful assets that ultimately led to driving business was just one of the ways that Nick drove value. His ability to motivate his team and drive through tough deadlines and still create amazing visuals is a testiment to his creative vision as well as attention to detail.”

Ryan Walker, Sr. Director Research & Development, Neighborhood America

“Nick has an acute attention to detail and understands concepts easily. He also takes time to understand the task presented to him beyond the basis of design. This results in a deeper dive to understand how a design concept will affect the end user. Often Nick's designs evoke an emotion that draws the viewer to explore more.”

Sunny Dronawat, Ph.D., Director, Flex Team, Neighborhood America

“Nick is a creative genius. He is very good with graphics and can make a very complex proccess easy to understand with creative use of colors and shapes. He is a true asset to any marketing department and he is very creative and innovative. His knowledge of Web 2.0 and GUI give him skillsets that are in high demand. Nick's "can do" demeanor and technical background make a fantastic combination to tackle any issue any company may have. His dedication to his work has made him a great colleague to many. 
He also has a great sense of humor.”

Shelley Sonnentag, Owner, Sonnentag Design Group

“Nick is indeed a very detail-oriented manager who proved to be a valubale asset to me and my company. In addition to being creative with strong Art Direction skills, he is methodical, diplomatic and technologically savvy. He is one of the most well-rounded people that I have had the pleasure of working with and employing.”